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The ConcertAI Internship & Co-op Programs Stand out from your peers by revolutionizing healthcare with AI, all while gaining unparalleled experience and mentorship in a dynamic, innovative environment.

What ConcertAI Interns Say

Pei Liu
​​​​​​“The internship offered me invaluable exposure to oncology research using research-grade RWE, accompanied by exceptional mentorship from my team. This supportive guidance not only fostered my personal and professional growth but also helped me identify my aspirations in the future.”
Pei Liu, Biostatistics Team, RWE
Pei Liu
“Being able to act as a UX Designer and a full-stack Software Engineer allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire development and product lifecycle.”
Karteikay Dhuper, Data Management Team, Patient Solutions
Pei Liu
"It was rewarding to be able to extract meaningful insights from integrated data sources and see how these insights could potentially make a positive impact on patient outcomes"
Joseph Lee, Analytics Team, Patient Soluitions